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There are lots of branding photographers out there, all with different styles and personalities, so it’s important when hiring a branding photographer that you find one who you click with and obviously you like their style!

When I work with brands I think it’s really important to for us to get to know each other, a phone conversation or face to face consultation is essential to the success of the shoot. The whole purpose of a branding shoot is to create images/content that shows your personality, tells your story and builds your brand, so to do this effectively I need to know as much as I can about you and what you want to achieve. I refer to this as a Discovery call, after your initial enquiry I will respond to you and book this in.

After our Discovery call you can then decide if I’m the right branding photographer for you!

You will have had a chance to view my portfolio, socials etc, so can see my style and of course the brands I have previously worked with, this all helps you make the right decision.

Obviously I’m delighted when a brand books me, it’s always such a compliment when a brand gives me this responsibility and an honour really, when there’s so much competition out there I am forever grateful to the brands that choose to work with me.

The fun part starts, together we will work out a time plan, sometimes brands are quite relaxed about this and are organised so happy to take it step by step, others needed the shots yesterday! That’s fine, both is manageable and I get it, I’m a business owner, single mum, chef, taxi driver, cleaner, washer, therapist too!! Whatever your timeframe is, together we can make it happen.

Together we will discuss what’s important to you, go through your business story, learn about your personality and chat through how you want to appear online and of course your message. Once I have all the key information I can then start to plan your shoot and I can be as involved as you like, from simply turning up and taking the pictures to planning the whole shoot from start to finish – whatever you need.

For a full branding shoot a 1 day shoot is advised, this gives us plenty of time to be relaxed, get the shots you want and of course have a laugh, drink and lunch too, being infront of the camera is tiring and nerve wracking for most, so it’s important to be as relaxed as possible, sometimes a wine helps at lunch time!

I will always advise several outfit changes on a shoot, this means you get longevity from the shots and gives you a more varied selection rather than all your content looking like it came from one shoot. I have client who I know are still using images a year on from their shoot, still looking fresh and that’s amazing, with careful planning its total achievable.

I source the best locations for your shoot, normally plan a route that includes a few different key spots we can take pictures and of course work out where you can change a refreshment spots.

Prior to the shoot it’s important you plan your outfits and any additional props you want included in shots, the shoot will run much smoother if this is worked out beforehand and also make packing for you much easier. So a small trolley case with your planned outfits is ideal.

I of course will be in contact with you to the run up to shoot day, checking weather, etc and make sure we have everything covered. 

By this point we will have got to know each other much better and hopefully you will be feeling relaxed about the whole thing..perhaps even looking forward to it!

Shoot day arrives – we will meet at an agreed time usually in a coffee shop local to the shoot location and have a relaxed start, once we’ve had a caffeine hit it’s time to hit the streets and get some shots! Nobody enjoys being infront of the camera, or rarely do, so I try to keep my shoots as relaxed as possible and fun, ideally chatting most of the time creating emotion, movement and getting your personality across!

I can’t wait to work with you! X

January 19, 2022

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