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The pressure for brands and businesses online now is immense, with Instagram constantly changing its algorithms it can be incredibly overwhelming, not to mention time consuming for individuals and brands to manage and sell themselves online.

Likes, followers, traction, impressions, engagement, stories, reels…it’s never ending!! Everybody is striving to be seen and found online, I understand for a creative or entrepreneur this can seem a bit of a mind field.

To be the most effective you can be online you need to work out exactly who your customer is. To the point of giving them a name if you like! Picture who they are, what do they like, where do they shop, where do they hang out, do they have a family, children, what kind of budget do they have, how do they shop…these are all questions that you should be able to answer about your target market.

Once you have defined these points and worked out as much as you can about your perfect client you can then create a strategy to target them, this will be focused and effective as you know what you are looking for and where they will be. Without doing your research and preparation your online marketing net will be too wide and therefore less effective. It’s important not to try to appeal to everyone, your service, business or brand won’t be for everyone and neither should it be! You need to find your people, engage with them and let them get to know you and why you created your business, this creates familiarity, brand awareness and trust…people buy from people.

The words Marketing Strategy and Social media Strategy are thrown around a lot, and there’s no disputing a strategy is needed to sell online, but don’t be daunted by this. A strategy will guide you, keep you on track to reaching your objectives, whether that’s increasing followers, sales or improving brand awareness, these can all be achieved with a short term and long term plan.

As you will have read on my website I have been a Social Media Manager and Model Agent for over 20 years, crazy when I write that, but it’s true! I have now been working with brands and creating content for them for the last 7, which I love and luckily the two go hand in hand. I’m delighted to be able to offer my services to small business owners and individuals who not only want beautiful branding photography, but also someone to sort the shoot for them from beginning to end, location, styling, models, videography, photography and then social media management – this is not a problem at all and together we can make it happen for you!


January 19, 2022

How do I successfully market my creative business online?

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